Michael has worked with cutting-edge media and technology companies for over twenty years.

Michael Coulson

At a pioneering consultancy in the early nineties, he worked with some of the leaders in the emerging social media field, educating companies and working groups how to use community tools to collaborate online. He then applied that knowledge at Bell Sympatico, where he built and managed what was then Canada’s largest online community. Moving to Silicon Valley in the late nineties, he had a hand in designing and marketing multiple leading-edge software products, including ThirdVoice (early browser plugin) and Planetweb (embedded CE browser).

He returned to Canada and the IPTV group at Bell to work on broadband video, which led to his role as lead marketer at ExtendMedia (Internet video service management – NBC, Wal-Mart, AT&T – acquired by Cisco). He followed this up with extended consulting stints at SeaWell Networks (Multisceen ABR Session Management – acquired by Arris) and QuickPlay (OTT video – acquired by AT&T).

Michael currently consults to technology companies looking to refine their products or services and how they are marketed.

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I've had a number of interesting and ambitious clients over the past 10 years. Read about some of them here (more being added).

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