SeaWell Networks: Targeted B2B Marketing

Michael Work

Establishing a new brand in the cable and telecom space is a tall order, particularly with limited funding. Cable, in particular, is an insular group, where information about new technology is spread through a known network. SeaWell needed to influence from within – to break into the “club” and win over converts who would become brand champions and spread the word about our unique approach.

MichaelSeaWell Networks: Targeted B2B Marketing

Cineplex: Assessing the Business Case for Video Sell-Through

Michael Work

In 2008, Cineplex had only movie listings on their website and wanted to investigate the possibility of offering a digital storefront that would sell both physical DVDs as well as movie streaming / downloads.

Cineplex retained my services to evaluate the feasibility of entering the digital side of movie delivery, specifically to explore a “build vs. buy” technology model. The final outcome was a very detailed report outlining the pros and cons of several options along with the risk and reward associated with each.

MichaelCineplex: Assessing the Business Case for Video Sell-Through