Watching Video No.1 Activity: Why audience targeting is essential

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What is the number one activity on PC, mobile and tablet?

According to an article from on the latest report from GlobalWebIndex, the answer is video.

GlobalWebIndex is world’s most detailed, on-going survey of digital behaviors and attitudes, and they recently released their largest-ever report on US Internet use.

The Details

The report demonstrates that the active usage picture is incredibly complex, with wide variations by device and target audience. The bottom line, not surprisingly, is that people are doing more with PC mobile and tablet devices.

Here are some key findings:

  • Watching video is the No 1 activity on all platforms, with 79% having watched a video clip in the last month on a PC, 72% on a mobile and 64% on a tablet.
  • TV and film are increasingly dominating digital behavior and mobile and tablet are now key screens for consumption. Watching sports programming is the No 2 activity on tablet and the No 3 on mobile.
  • The fastest-growing activities by platform are streaming a full-length TV show live on a tablet up 147% in 2013, editing/managing a website on mobile, which is up 142% in 2013

Clearly these kinds of numbers will have significance for content providers thinking through their deployment and advertising strategies.

The Strategic Impact

The article includes a great quote from Tom Smith, Founder and CEO of Global index that details the significance of the findings in the report. Smith says:

“Our largest study yet in the US reveals the massive variation in digital behaviors and adoption, demonstrating clearly that identity and outlook, above our age or gender, are the key drivers of how we adopt and use the Internet.”

This is a conclusion with huge implications for content providers, as they begin to ramp up ad targeting efforts. Smith continues:

“For advertisers and brands this study conclusively demonstrates the importance of investing in a digital strategy that’s focused on your specific target audience.”

In other words, it isn’t enough for providers to know that people are watching TV on any device. To be successful, you need to know who is watching and why – on an individual basis.

Live and on-demand targeted ad-insertion, anyone?

MichaelWatching Video No.1 Activity: Why audience targeting is essential

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