Hulu and Broadband Video Advertising in Canada

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Having had a lot of experience in both online video and social media, you can imagine how happy it makes me to see graphs like the one on the right indicating that these areas may be the best to weather the current economic storm. Strangely enough, while I feel strongly about the power of social media / online community to transform and democratize how we live our lives, when it comes to media …

MichaelHulu and Broadband Video Advertising in Canada

Obama and social media

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I was reading this article in Time about Joe Trippi, the man behind Obama’s online campaign, and one line in particular struck me: “But while Obama rarely managed a clean win against Clinton in the big states — the ones that will count most in the fall — he kept winning delegates even when he lost primaries. By April, it became almost mathematically impossible for Clinton to catch him.” Much …

MichaelObama and social media

Long live Mike Potter. And the Web.

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When I first started living in the online world fifteen years ago, a lot of people were still grappling with the ephemeral, intangible nature of the web, i.e. “anything on a hard disc is not real and one step away from deletion” and “online community relationships are not real, won’t last”. People still lose data, and there are a lot of pretty shallow relationships on Facebook. But the online world now …

MichaelLong live Mike Potter. And the Web.